Story Shuffle

The Tale of Sir Bevis

Whats the story?

The Story Shuffle mobile app was developed for Eastleigh Borough Council to encourage school children in Eastleigh and Southampton to visit their local libraries, read more and gain experience in creative writing.

Once installed they can read 'The Tale of Sir Bevis', an adaptation written by Matt Beames of the legend of local hero Sir Bevis.

The tale contains a number of points where randomly selected sub-stories written by local school children will appear and can be read. Eastleigh's Berry Theatre Drama Develpment Team worked with a number of schools to introduce the app to the children and get them started on writing their versions of the sub-story challenges.

The children's stories were incorporated into the app and each time the tale is displayed a child's sub-stories are randomly selected to be displayed as part of the tale.

The children can also enter their own names or friend's names to select their versions of the sub-stories.

The mobile app displays the stories on a scroll with illustrations and sound effects to help immerse the reader in the stories.

Story Shuffle forms part of The Berry Theatre’s Write Now programme aimed at developing new writers and has been supported by investment from Southampton-based charity Artswork along with further funding from Eastleigh Borough Council and Arts Council England.

When can I get it?

The app is available now on iOS and Android.

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