PONToon Map Mobile App

Find and contact local services

What will it do?

Find transport; health/wellbeing; care assistance; danger zones; free ICT; support; employability; childcare services and leisure and cultural activities

Filter by category and instantly call, view website or find directions

That's great. There's more?

Following the initial version the aim is to expand the app’s functionality with more features such as allowing users to rate content and add content of their own.

When can I see it? Now!

A prototype version of the app was created for the PONToon project interim event on 6th December 2018 in Portsmouth. It's available on iOS and Android.

PONToon (Partnership Opportunities using New Technologies fostering sOcial and ecOnomic inclusioN) is an exciting initiative that focuses on up-skilling women in order to support their economic inclusion via a fusion of digital industries and technologies.

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