Recent Mobile Apps Developed

A selection of some of the apps we've developed

PONToon Map App

The PONToon Map provides filterable information on nearby services

Story Shuffle: The Tale of Sir Bevis

Story Shuffle is a storytelling app developed for Eastleigh Borough Council to encourage reading and creative writing among local school children.

ChamSys MagicQ Remote Control

ChamSys MagicQ systems provide leading edge control of stage lighting, LED pixelmapping and media systems. The MagicQ Remote enables remote control of MagicQ systems including MagicQ consoles and MagicQ PC Wing solutions.

A professional software developer for 30 years, over 15 of those working with mobile apps. Niall formerly served on the board of TIGA, the trade association representing the UK’s games industry, was a Committee Member of TIGA Mobile and is a Member of the Royal Institution.

Niall Fraser

Managing Director, TinRaven Ltd.